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Anana is a major driving force for customer service in the digital age. We thrive in digital and social strategy for forward-thinking brands, driving contact centres from a traditional support role to be an effective spearhead of 21st century digital customer engagement.

We are an award winning solutions innovator, with a heavy focus on digital, mobile, social and multi-channel contact centres, founded upon many years of deployment and operational experience with large scale integrated voice and interactive voice response solutions.

Using Anana consulting, professional, engineering and development services and our innovative solutions based approach, banks, major service providers and top-tier retailers are transforming their traditional call centres.

Applications Innovation

Anana is a specialist integrator and solutions developer of leading solutions for modern telecommunications network service providers. We provide extremely innovative solutions for IMS and next-generation networks. Our applications are specifically designed to thrive in mass-market high volume based service provider contexts, where they drive subscriber revenues through enhanced services and revenue generating applications.

We are the lead application development partner to Alcatel-Lucent's IMS division and developed and showcased the first ever 4G-LTE enabled mash-up applications that mixed social-media with the dial tone, telephone conferencing triggered by Facebook posts, call control at an end user application level and much more.



Anana provides solutions that completely integrate the customer experience and customer journey; irrespective of context, channel, media or industry vertical.

Genesys Multi ChannelHow many consumer and customer presentation layers does your business offer? Despite the headlong rush to eCommerce enable most brands with an underlying 'just in time' delivery methodology it is still critical for many organisations that their physical high street presence is as integrated and holistic as their digital one.

Organisations on the high-street typically cannot rely solely on the in-store representatives to act as the customer service function. The critical role of these staff is to assist customers in the buying of product; not its subsequent support liability. Therefore the organisation will have a front line customer services capability in the function we call the contact centre.

Obviously, brands with high street as well as contact centre presentation layers to their customers it becomes critical that a 'single view of the truth' is available to both business functions.  A single view of the truth in this case simply means the capability for any business user in either department to readily access details of the customer journey as it relates to either department.

For example; if we were to place a complaint call into your contact centre at 9am that resulted in a goodwill gesture being applied by customer services could you ensure that the same customer walking into your high street store one hour later would be handled by in-store staff that had the same information about the 'customer journey'?

Let's try a more typical scenario; but this time with 3 presentation layers. Your customer buys product X from your on line store.  Could this customer walk straight into your local high street presence and re-arrange the delivery, or confirm the order was received?  Would your answer be "Sorry, you'll have to phone customer services to find out if your order went through as I cannot see that information here in the store"  Or another example; your customer buys a product from the high-street store, and needs to return it because it doesn't fit.  The customer phones customer services who tell the customer "Sorry, you have to take the product back to the store where it was purchased with your proof of purchase and they will handle you there"

Anana has created specialist capabilities on the Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform that unify the customer experience across all channels and media; including walk-in, on line and traditional multichannel customer contact centre.  Through the innovative use of the 'interaction history' capabilities of Genesys across voice, email, SMS, MMS, web-chat, call-back, Mail, Fax, On line Forums, Twitter and Facebook Anana has been able to expose additional interaction histories; for example, complaint raised in store, on-line purchase made or even a business alert sent by the back office to the subscribers mobile phone.

This is a true, unified and holistic single-view of the customer journey; in all channels and in all media. It also embraces all physical, tangible and virtual elements of a brands contact points.Anana Omnichannel Genesys Solutions

An intrinsic part of this innovation is a version of the customer interaction history and ability to create interactions for in store staff; as well as a web based interface that allows back-end systems and servers, like your on-line eCommerce site to publish and propagate customer activities in your on-line estate into the customer journey as they happen without manual or human intervention.

With this Anana innovation driving your customer experience never again should a customer place an order on-line, then find themselves phoning in to your organisation to find out if the order went through only to be greeted by an IVR that had absolutely no idea that the on-line order had just taken place. Do you not agree that the most remarkable self-service experience would be to be greeted with "We see that you have just placed an order on-line, is that why you are calling?"

If your customer walks into a retail store to raise a customer service enquiry about their experience with you in any facet of their relationship it is critical that the request be logged and immediately form part of the customers entire journey and overall interaction history.  Any subsequent call, SMS, email, web-chat or other interaction type into customer services must be handled with immediate transparency to the walk in event a few minutes, hours and days earlier.

Anana innovation extends beyond the interaction histories and web-services into thin versions of the Interaction Workspace that are suited to non-contact centre staff use; in retail stores, kiosks or embedded as functions within the Mobile application strategy of your brand. At the heart of this innovation is a constant strive to reduce customer effort in engaging with their chosen brand in any media, channel or context.