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Anana is a major driving force for customer service in the digital age. We thrive in digital and social strategy for forward-thinking brands, driving contact centres from a traditional support role to be an effective spearhead of 21st century digital customer engagement.

We are an award winning solutions innovator, with a heavy focus on digital, mobile, social and multi-channel contact centres, founded upon many years of deployment and operational experience with large scale integrated voice and interactive voice response solutions.

Using Anana consulting, professional, engineering and development services and our innovative solutions based approach, banks, major service providers and top-tier retailers are transforming their traditional call centres.

Applications Innovation

Anana is a specialist integrator and solutions developer of leading solutions for modern telecommunications network service providers. We provide extremely innovative solutions for IMS and next-generation networks. Our applications are specifically designed to thrive in mass-market high volume based service provider contexts, where they drive subscriber revenues through enhanced services and revenue generating applications.

We are the lead application development partner to Alcatel-Lucent's IMS division and developed and showcased the first ever 4G-LTE enabled mash-up applications that mixed social-media with the dial tone, telephone conferencing triggered by Facebook posts, call control at an end user application level and much more.


Genesys Social Engagement with Facebook

Today, we are looking at eServices Social Media and Social Engagement Interactions. This operational Customer Services Solution is deployed in the Anana Briefing Centre and is powered completely by Genesys Telecommunications Labs Customer Interaction Management Platform. This post features a detailed video walk through of Genesys 8.1 solution as integrated and demonstrated by Anana for the Facebook channel.

Some key notes about this demonstration

  • The recording was filmed in real-time. Therefore latencies and interaction speeds have not been adapted, edited or ammended
  • The Genesys Agent Desktop was connected remotely do the Genesys installation via a slow VPN connection; and is not representative of a typical Enterprise deployment
  • All features and functions explored are standard and native Genesys 8.1, Out of the Box, without adaptation or change
  • The is no narrative to the recording. Guidance is provided in text overlays. Please watch for them carefully
  • Please start the video, and then select the fullscreen option for the best experience. Their is a lot of information in the interface, and you won't see it if it remains thumbnailed. Also 720 HD version has been preselected for you for obvious reasons!
  • If you like this video, and would like us to prepare more, then please let us know using the comments option at the bottom of this post
  • The ABC Anana (Anana Briefing Centre) is configured to capture Facebook Interactions via the eServices Social Media Server using the default Genesys Routing and Engagement Strategy. It does require that consumers specifically target the Company Facebook Page account. This is important because the demonstration clearly indicates that we have configured our solution to LISTEN to what is being said ABOUT US as well as what is said directly TO us.
  • For those not yet familiar with the ABC_ANANA (ABC Company); it is a fictitious enterprise that we use in the Anana Briefing Centre as the modelled Contact Centre instance for demonstration and workshop purposes only. It is not a real company, whereas Anana Ltd is! Please do not approach the ABC Company seeking employment or to buy products or services! (You'll be amazed!)
  • The video assumes that the Enterprise has embraced a full Voice and eServices blended cross-channel communications strategy. Perhaps when you watch the video you will see why this makes sense

Now, please sit back, and enjoy the video of Genesys and Anana in action in Social Engagement with Customers via Facebook.