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Anana is a major driving force for customer service in the digital age. We thrive in digital and social strategy for forward-thinking brands, driving contact centres from a traditional support role to be an effective spearhead of 21st century digital customer engagement.

We are an award winning solutions innovator, with a heavy focus on digital, mobile, social and multi-channel contact centres, founded upon many years of deployment and operational experience with large scale integrated voice and interactive voice response solutions.

Using Anana consulting, professional, engineering and development services and our innovative solutions based approach, banks, major service providers and top-tier retailers are transforming their traditional call centres.

Applications Innovation

Anana is a specialist integrator and solutions developer of leading solutions for modern telecommunications network service providers. We provide extremely innovative solutions for IMS and next-generation networks. Our applications are specifically designed to thrive in mass-market high volume based service provider contexts, where they drive subscriber revenues through enhanced services and revenue generating applications.

We are the lead application development partner to Alcatel-Lucent's IMS division and developed and showcased the first ever 4G-LTE enabled mash-up applications that mixed social-media with the dial tone, telephone conferencing triggered by Facebook posts, call control at an end user application level and much more.


Mobile apps that reach into contact centre

As part of our continuing exploration of all things relating to the cross-channel Customer Experience we have been doing some work creating a “bridge” between the Genesys Platform Software Development Kit (PSDK) and other media formats and devices.  The latest exploration is in the form of an Apple iPhone application that acts as a gateway into customer services from the popular Apple device.  We have created a range of Atomic Web Services that allow us to populate the iPhone with a Customer Services Application that brings the consumer into the Contact Centre!

 What type of features are available?

ABC Mobile ApplicationOur initial exploration of the capability includes an ability for a customer to initiate a chat session, request a callback (with options to see currently booked call-backs and reschedule them) and an option to review their own entire interaction history with the Customer Services Team across all channels and media.  We are particularly interested in the option to publish a customers own interaction history for them to their device so that they have instant access to the ‘single version of the truth’ and recorded by ‘Customer Services’ across all interactions with the customer over time.  This attitude could be a significant catalyst in bringing the customer themselves into the Customer Services activities; empowering them with the same view of activities, potentially improving loyalty and also reducing churn propensity.


The architecture is based on sound design principles, utlising out-of-the-box shipping Platform SDK capability expressed by the underlying maturity of the Genesys solution framework and Atomic Web Services.  Anana has written a suite of Atomic Services that enable a range of media and interactions via the Genesys SDK into the framework.  Currently written are a few of obviously many Atomic Services libraries that enable for a huge and very interesting range of customer service applications to be enabled on literally any device; including smartphones, set-top-boxes, internet ready TV.  Anana has completely separated away the presentation logic away from the underlying data-architecture using Atomic Web Services. Therefor any presentation device capable of using HTTP is available for this type of service expression.  HTTP requests arrive from the device to the Anana Atomic Services, and we respond back typically with JSON (Java Script Object Notation).  This allows us to manipulate the presentation layer back to each device type with remarkable flexibility.

Anana Atomic Services for Genesys