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Solutions innovation for modern contact centres and call centres.
Anana solutions allow modern enterprises and businesses to engage, communicate, respond and alert their customers in any media type at any time.

Modern innovation for demanding consumers

Modern innovation for demanding consumers

We provide a range of solutions and practices that enable businesses to put their customer services capability onto the front line of digital and multichannel customer experience management

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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Keeping up with customers in the multichannel era is extremely difficult. Your customers shout at you, they talk about you and they whisper behind you! Are you truly listening, engaging and responding in all channels and media types through a common voice with a complete view of the customer journey?

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The world's biggest brands put their trust in Anana Solutions

The world's biggest brands put their trust in Anana Solutions

Anana Multichannel and Digital Contact Centres power household names all over the world including Marks & Spencer, Vodacom, Three, Safaricom, Air Miles and many more. All enjoy a holistic solutions based approach from our team which offers complete support in executing on their omni-channel customer engagement strategy

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Large scale Genesys briefing experience

The briefing featured a full review of;

  • Genesys Inbound Voice on SIP Server with IP endpoints
  • Skills Group – Customer Care, Sales, Accounts & Billing and Customer Support CSR skill teams
  • Genesys chat – live customer service Chat Interaction Management (Genesys Web Chat)
  • Genesys Agent to Agent instant messaging (IM)
  • Genesys Email Interactions
  • Consultations, Transfers, Conferences and much more…

We had intended to demonstrate a range of contact centre scenario’s, but by the time we’d described how a call is placed into the call centre with all of the interactions between the SIP Server, Universal Routing Server (URS), Statistics Server (Stat Server) and the new Genesys Media Server (Stream Manager replacement) to do something simple like play an announcement which is time sensitive, e.g. Good Morning, Good Afternoon etc, we found the briefing taking its own direction; driven by active and engaged interaction with our client who immediately bombarded our team with hundreds of questions, immediately trying out what had just been learned and explored.

It was powerfully effective to show and explore how Genesys CCPulse, Stat-Server, Infomart and Genesys Advisor alongside statistics and performance tools inherent to the Genesys Agent Desktop (GAD) and Interaction Workspace all worked together to provide a total and complete view of operational performance. Especially impressive was making changes to routing, skills and queues (applications) in real-time and observing the impact immediately on how the call centre performed.

I think the client especially enjoyed seeing the ultimate change in the modern call centre. They are, after all, typically associated with the engaged and deliberate management of inbound telephone calls and outbound telephone calls. What is newer, is embracing any media or any inbound channel with the vehemence and rigour of telephones; but now applied to instant messaging, email, web-chat and voice, not as conversations, but as interactions! It suddenly became clear to most why Genesys calls this the “Customer Interaction Management Platform” because it is all about managing Interactions; not just telephone conversations!

We also had a breakout discovering Alcatel-Lucent Unified Communications Suite, MyTeamwork and the brand new IC Phone! Very cool stuff!


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Complete Multichannel Contact Centre Solutions.

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Anana solutions are trusted and used by very well known companies all over the world

Marks & Spencer
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Three UK
Air Miles