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Modern innovation for demanding consumers

Modern innovation for demanding consumers

We provide a range of solutions and practices that enable businesses to put their customer services capability onto the front line of digital and multichannel customer experience management

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Customer Engagement

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The world's biggest brands put their trust in Anana Solutions

The world's biggest brands put their trust in Anana Solutions

Anana Multichannel and Digital Contact Centres power household names all over the world including Marks & Spencer, Vodacom, Three, Safaricom, Air Miles and many more. All enjoy a holistic solutions based approach from our team which offers complete support in executing on their omni-channel customer engagement strategy

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The impact of negative social sentiment

If you haven’t, please play the video below, then begin reading this post!

Having sought redress through the airline via normal channels David decided to release his frustration in social media. More details of the background of this story are all over the web if you need more information. The question is the real impact of this form of negative sentiment. It costs the enterprise a LOT of money. Some estimates suggest that the impact on United Airlines of Mr Carroll's social-complaint cost the airline as much as 10% of its stock {$180 Million US Dollars}. The video went ‘viral’ reaching over 10 million viewers in just a couple of months. Indeed, it had reached 150,000 people within 4 days of posting!

The enterprise contact centre is in the perfect place to watch for, intercept and offer immediate redress for negative customer sentiment. Companies do not have to offer incredible redress to complaint, but it is important that they offer the complainant an immediate and effective response. As likely as the complainant is to broadcast their complaint to their ‘followers’ and ‘friends’ they are just as likely to re-broadcast the enterprise redress with a ‘positive’ tone.

As an academic exercise, as I post this update, I did a quick search on a popular social-media engine; Twitter. I looked for signs of negative sentiment about organizations; and the fray of sentiment was profound. Here are just a few as examples. I can only hope and trust that the enterprises affected are doing something about this! [Please note, the thoughts and observations posted next are those of the original authors and not my own or those of my company and I have xxx’d out the names of original authors and target companies]…

xxx xxx bad customer service in Cebu for Laptop. @xxx @xxx
xxx Is xxx twitter as bad as the rest of their customer service sectors?
xxx I made the unfortunate mistake of buying a xxx product and have found their customer service to be unbelievably bad!
xxx Airlines – Very Bad customer service: I called earlier and a rep. was so rude an I asked to speak to manager…
xxx Chinese owner of a Lamborghini Gallardo destroys it in front of the public. This is due to the frustration with the bad customer service
There were hundreds of these sentiments across a wide range of industries. On some occasions I saw immediate attempts by the affected company to offer redress. For example…

xxx · xxx
Location: xxx, NJ
xxx’s Social Media Support Team. We’re here to help with any questions and provide up-to-date information to our customers. Hours(EST): 8AM-5PM, M-F

As an experiment, I wanted to find out how long it takes for the web-engines to see negative sentiment, cache it, build a search profile for it, and make it available to the search engines. My method was to post a tweet and a facebook wall message for this article, and at the same time monitor how long it takes for the search engines to come and ‘sniff out’ the new content in real-time. How long do you think it takes?

First I need to publish this article. The publication date and time is stored with the article. Published at March 18th 2011 at 08:50am UK time.
Now I’ll have a look at what's happening on our web site. We have live analytics and monitoring; so I’ll use that to see whats happening….

As you can see, the server itself is running a web triggered cron job, and the Amazon web crawler is already sniffing out the new article. It just so happens that Google’s crawler (Spider) was also on the blog, but was finishing its previous crawl.

Now I’m going to do a post to my favorite social-media sites about this content…

Doing this in real-time is a bit of a challenge…..I’m trying to update this post, then take screenshots, monitor the web server, and the post to social-media, take more screenshots, and do this in real-time. I posted the link to Facebook and Twitter at 09:05am….then immediately had a look at what happening at the website….(please note; all bots, robots, crawlers are on THIS page that you are now reading!!)

What are the first things I notice?

Firstly the site gets hit IMMEDIATELY by the range of popular search engines, crawlers, robots etc. They immediately take their snapshots of the content; not because I published something on the site, but because I posted about the content or the media on the social-networks..!

Look who arrived? Bing, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Inktomi, LinkedIn, Amazon, Google…..all of them immediately and definitely taking a snapshot of the updated content.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the way the engines work, and how the impact of what the enterprises customer say about them is IMMEDIATELY distributed GLOBALLY!

For arguments sake, I have, say, 50 followers on Twitter. They follow me for some reason (never mind what that might be!)…and they each have 50 followers.

If I post a tweet that they each retweet then my sentiment will reach 50×50=2500 people IMMEDIATELY. Let’s assume that each of the followers followers retweets, then you have 50×2500=125,000 people who know exactly what I’ve just said!

Anana offers ‘sentiment management’ as part of our solution portfolio with the Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform. This allows our call centre clients and customers to include the ability to listen, carefully, and in real-time to references to their company being made on social-media. This listening is for ‘positive’ as well as ‘negative’ sentiment. Positive sentiment is re-inforced and redistributed, and negative sentiment is redressed.

The modern contact centre is beginning the process of evolving from voice only interactions (conversations) into one where chat, co-browse, email, SMS form part of the ‘interaction’ suite that the Customer Service Representative manages. Perhaps not all media at the same time, but with appropriate training and skills distribution it is possible to have the agents working on voice (real-time) for a while, then rotate to doing near real-time channels with Instant Messaging, Chat, Co-Browse and Social-Sentiment monitoring. This affords the CSR a break from the rigour of a single channel of communications, stops them becoming bored, laboured or stale.

If the enterprise is going to offer social-sentiment monitoring then the redress needs to be effective. I have personally (see my posts about my experience trying to get my landline service moved!!) witnessed social sentiment management being used against a negative post I put on social-media. The redress sounded great; but there was nothing behind it. Indeed, the social sentiment redress suggested that I put together a really detailed email of my problem, citing all details, my customer reference number, the order number and send it to the Customer Care team for action. My effort (Customer Effort Score) to do that was HIGH, and when I did it I didn’t get a response until a week later! Useless! So, if you are going to do this stuff; then please do it right or don’t do it at all!

The bottom line. The Enterprise needs to think very carefully about social-media; not just as a channel for SALES and ENGAGEMENT, but as a key paradigm in managing the customer interaction cycle. When things go bad, the impact is INSTANT. The engines know about what is being said about you, or your product INSTANTLY. That makes social-media a REAL-TIME interaction channel; well, okay, perhaps not; but the impact on business is REAL, it is COSTLY, and it can be handled effectively with the right tools!


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