We wanted an IVR solution that would enable us to address customers across the world with one voice. Anana has given us that, and much more.

Laurence Harris, Senior IT Service Delivery Manager, Telecoms & Network Services, Xerox.


Xerox’s four worldwide contact centres handle thousands of calls every day from customers ordering consumables or seeking technical support. To reduce handling times and enhance the overall customer experience they wanted an IVR solution that could transfer any caller to an appropriate agent within two questions. No matter where the customer was calling from or what language they were speaking.

Why Anana?

Anana was chosen based on our proven ability to deliver complex IVR solutions quickly and efficiently. We also have the experience and expertise to work proactively, identifying potential problems in advance, and solving them before they arise. Which was a key consideration for a project of such scale and complexity.



Our solution

We provided Xerox with two purpose-built solutions:

Natural Language IVR

Capable of interpreting 11 different languages and 25 language variations (French Belgium, French Luxemburg), our advanced Natural Language IVR solution identifies the service the customer wants and the serial number of their equipment. To ensure customers are always transferred to the right agent a playback function is automatically activated if the answer to either question is unclear.


Xerox has four CRM solutions and uses several outsourced partners. When a customer calls, the Anana Softphone pushes the call data to the most relevant CRM solution, based on the serial number of their equipment. This enables the agent to take the call directly on their terminal, without having to use a hardphone, and all the information they need to handle the enquiry is at their fingertips.


How we delivered this solution 

With over 10 years of delivering best-practice customer experience, our solutions have been tried and tested across the industry.



Anana offers industry expertise and advice based on the very latest industry best practice

Anana Consultancy Services


Anana designed, delivered and integrated the solution, and continue to manage and support it remotely.

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