The Anana Stunt Plane

To uphold our commitment to promoting education in science, technology, engineering and maths Anana partner with Rich Goodwin Airshows as their main sponsor. Richard, an ex-RAF Tornado pilot now flies for a commercial airline but when he’s not at work, he’s either maintaining his current Pitts S2S Special, fondly known as G-EWIZ or building the new Jet Pitts.The heart of the aircraft is a six cylinder 8.5 ltr Lycoming 0540 Engine, modified to produce 300hp and turning the latest MT Aerobatic Prop.

Rich is one of the UK's leading stunt pilots and can be seen performing unusual and rare aerobatics in the Anana muscle bi-plane around Europe at numerous airshows. During the summer months Rich has been performing stunning and gravity defying stunts at air displays all over the world! Here he is participating in National Gibraltar Day in September 2018.




Rich Goodwin is a fan favourite at at Abingdon Airshow where this year he and Anana CEO, Chris Woodward raced one another! Rich flew the Anana bi-plane impressively close to both the ground and the car that Chris was driving along the runway before sweeping up into the air to give yet another breathtaking series of stunts for the onlooking crowd.


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