Allan Gray's journey to exceptional Customer Experience

Allan Gray is Africa’s largest privately-owned and independent investment management company. They have recently embarked on a journey that is aimed at driving excellence in Customer Experience (CX) through an enhanced User Experience (UX) for their servicing Consultants in the Allan Gray Client Service Centre.


In 2016 Allan Gray contracted Anana to perform their support services of their existing interaction management environment and in early 2017 they contracted us to perform some prototyping solutions based on what they had envisaged as a consultant servicing desktop of the future. On successful completion of this phase, Anana was then awarded a project in November 2017 to implement a transformational Customer Experience (CX) solution that is to use Genesys for all their channels of interaction and replaces their current CRM application front-end.

Architectural fundamental: The solution has been engineered in a client-centric fashion with two key stakeholders in mind for every process constructed: The client and the servicing consultant.

The solution consists of the Genesys Pure Engage Workspace Desktop Edition (WDE) and Omni-channel platform for interaction routing across the following channels:
• Voice
• Email
• Web engagement including web chat, co-browse & call back
• Bi-directional SMS
• Walk-ins (both physical and virtual)
• Alert channel (a module developed by Anana)

In addition to the Genesys functionality, Anana were also requested to develop some extensions to the desktop within WDE by making use of the standard API’s. These extensions were architected by Allan Gray to supplement the requisite business processes that a Consultant must go through in various servicing journeys so there was no need to move outside of the WDE front-end. This also meant that back-end data from the CRM database needed to be rendered to the desktop at the appropriate time in each journey. Web services were developed by both Anana and Allan Gray to perform these data updates on either end of the solution and all front-end development was performed by Anana.

Some examples of the additional extensions developed by Anana that provide a differentiated service are:
• Identity & Verification by channel whereby the Consultants are given a visual view of how well a client or Financial services Broker have been authenticated in that channel. The voice channel makes use of Voice Biometrics and the Consultant is alerted to full, partial or no authentication
• Consolidated history whereby a consultant gets a view of all interactions by channel and by transaction activities and/or service request activities. This is as “easy as scrolling through Face Book” according to one of the Consultants
• Sphere of Influence which is a dynamic visual representation of accounts, service requests, and relationship hierarchies based on delegation of authority with the contact in the Financial Services Broker network surrounding each client. This facilitates quick and intuitive servicing of clients especially when it comes to information that is requested to be shared.
• Statement & Form Generators where a Consultant can easily navigate to a form or Statement that can be attached to an outgoing email interaction or chat. This makes sure the correct documents are sent with the requisite secure processes
• Allan Gray Online where a consultant can perform assisted service with co-browse tools to fill in forms or the like

An example picture of the front-end is as per the below 

The red zone depicts the Genesys WDE application and the blue box represents the embedded extensions developed by Anana within the WDE browser. This servicing module represented in this picture is the Sphere of Influence. Anana has also deployed the Anana Mission Control module which is a servicing overlay for fast and effective operational service management changes. This is going to drive business change agility across all channels.

The whole solution is expected to drive employee engagement and through the focus on customer issues rather than system navigation it is also expected to deliver great 21st Century CX too!

All stakeholders eagerly await the production “Go Live” in August 2018.


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Allan Gray's journey to exceptional Customer Experience

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