Rich Goodwin Airshows set to entertain and innovate with Anana.

Rich Goodwin Airshows set to entertain and innovate with Anana, Pushing CX to new heights!

Hi-Tech Customer eXperience company Anana are delighted to announce their sponsorship of the amazing Rich Goodwin Airshows stunt plane.

More about the sponsorship

Anana are pleased to announce that they are now the official sponsor of Rich Goodwin Airshows! Rich will be actively promoting the Anana brand whilst performing magnificent stunt shows in his newly Anana-branded, custom built ”Muscle Biplane” at numerous air displays across the country this year. Both Anana and Rich are intent on pushing boundaries in technology and innovation, and have a shared passion for reaching new heights in Customer Experience in the world of aviation and business.

To cement this relationship Rich performed a spectacular and unique stunt between the Anana and Taittinger hot-air balloons. Rich flew the Anana Pitts Special Biplane into a knife-edge manoeuvre where the plane tipped on its side with the wings flying at right angles to the ground. Rich then used the wing of the plane to cut a ribbon running between the two balloons!

Here's a short video of the stunt:

Chris Woodward, Anana CEO states, ‘At Anana we love innovation, teamwork and pushing boundaries; as innovators in technology and customer experience we’re always looking for new ways of engaging with people. The amazing display that Rich performs creates a remarkable connection with his audience despite the fact that he is a few hundred feet up in the air! We love innovating and so does Rich; he’s incredibly driven in his mission to design and build a new Pitts Biplane powered by Jet Engines, another UK first, which Anana is excited to be supporting.’

Rich Goodwin said, ‘Anana are incredibly well driven and a well lead company who also like to have fun, and I’m delighted to be associated with them and share the same ethics of pushing boundaries and technology. For me, the importance of having their support goes beyond the build of the Jet Pitts, it also helps me to encourage the next generation of Aviators and Engineers. I get a lot of enjoyment out of aerobatic flying but nothing pleases me more than knowing I’ve inspired someone to take on a STEM subject or flying lessons.’’


About Rich Goodwin Airshows

Rich Goodwin performs high energy aerobatic manoeuvres at events across Great Britain and Ireland in his highly-modified Pitts Special S2S, his ‘Muscle Biplane’.

With audience sizes ranging from a few thousand up to 100,000 at each air show, Rich’s display has rapidly become a popular civilian item on the UK’s busy air show circuit.

Richard, an ex-RAF Tornado pilot now flies for a commercial airline but when he’s not at work, he’s either maintaining his current Pitts S2S Special, fondly known as G-EWIZ or building the new Jet Pitts.

Richard’s first display of the 2017 season will be at Abingdon Air and Country Fayre on May 14th. Tickets are on sale now!


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