Anana Accelerate

Anana take a fresh and unique approach to the delivery of the world leading Genesys omni-channel customer experience platform, delivering a faster return on investment and more scope for innovation.


No two businesses are the same; however, their omnichannel customer engagement requirements are often similar, even across industry sectors. Anana has identified and documented 80-100% of your requirements, and created industry best practice design templates to deliver these, right at the start.


Anana also include many features as standard that normally require bespoke development, including CSAT surveys, operational hours, emergency messaging, multi-tier disposition codes, keyword routing and in queue experience - across all channels. All configured without the need for IT, using Anana Mission Control.


Once we have agreed which features you would like, Anana auto deploys a customer specific Genesys environment to VMware within a matter of hours. Our Accelerate design templates cover everything from server configuration, LAN and firewall settings, to all the Genesys application options.


This is not a packaged product. It’s an accelerator to deliver a fully featured customer experience  platform with minimal effort, in the fastest time, ready to innovate & integrate, to realise the full potential of the Genesys platform.

Live Validation

The auto-generated “sandpit” environment is used from day one, in live workshops to validate Anana documented requirements and identify any gaps. Giving users the opportunity to experience the system and familiarise themselves with its functionality first-hand, removing the potential for misinterpreting written requirements.

Seamless migration

Once everything has been fully validated and tested, the new production environment can be auto-deployed, with a whole set of auto-generated documentation. So users and lines can be switched over from the old system to the new one in a matter of hours. Switching back to the old system is equally simple should any issues arise.

Real time configuration

Once the new environment is live, Anana’s feature rich user interface, Mission Control, allows authorised users to configure the system themselves, across all channels, in real time, without the need to involve IT.

Continued innovation

Spending less time and money gathering and documenting requirements at the start of the process frees up more resources to invest in ongoing innovation. Ensuring your customer experience environment always remains one step ahead.

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