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To deliver a truly ‘best practice’ customer experience it is not enough to simply offer a choice of communication channels. Customers and agents need the ability to switch channels at any time, with no loss contact or continuity. Which is where Anana Omnimodal comes in.

Anana Omnimodal allows customers and agents to engage with each other across two or more channels at the same time. So, there is no need to switch from one agent to another, and confidential information can be shared without compromising security. The following scenarios show how Anana Omnimodal works in the real world.

Scenario 1. Live transactions on the move

Imagine one of your agents has made a sale over the phone to a customer travelling on a busy train. All they need to do to complete the transaction is provide their payment card details. With Anana Omnimodal the agent can send them a SMS or URL allowing them to share their information in confidence there and then, with no loss of context or contact. The agent can see everything the customer can see so they can help them complete the transaction, only the card details remain anonymous.

Scenario 2. Live, real time, dual interaction

A customer has a question when completing an online mortgage application that is too complicated for web-chat and decides to make a voice call. Anana Omnimodal ensures they are greeted with a personalised IVR message, such as: “Would you like to speak to someone about the form you are filling in?” It also allows both parties to view the same form at the same time. So, the agent can talk them through their application, or even complete it for them in front of their eyes.


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