Anana Whitemail Channel

We may live in a digital world, but the handwritten letter remains the preferred method of communication for many people.

Anana’s custom-built White Mail solution provides an end-to-end process for queueing and routing, allowing conventional post to be handled with the same speed and efficiency as digital communications.

Bulk printing module
All outbound interactions are routed to a Genesys print queue, so back office users can harvest PDFs and bulk print them all in one go.

Integrated to knowledge management
Templates and standard responses make it easy for agents to respond quickly, while desktop integration allows outgoing mail to be populated with content at the touch of a button.

Reports and dashboards
All incoming and outgoing interactions are recorded in exactly the same way as other channels. So, reports can be created using real time and historical data, providing a full audit trail for tracking complaints and proof of regulatory compliance.


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