Enhanced Outbound Modules

When you’re running multiple outbound campaigns, at the same time, total visibility is essential. The more information you have, the greater control you can exercise, and the better the results you will achieve.

Anana’s Enhanced Outbound solution automatically prioritises and organises outbound interactions, maximising efficiency and enabling agents to handle customers with greater empathy.

More efficient way to handle lists
Lists are prioritised based on urgency, and split into different types of customers, so your agents know which customers need to be contacted first and what strategy to employ to get the best results.

More effective way of collecting debts
Compiling lists in this way is particularly effective for debt collection, with lists being automatically prioritised based on key parameters such as the length of time an account has been in arrears (+90, +60, +30 days) and organsised based payment history (Good /Average/ Bad).

More empathetic customer handling
The more accurately you segment your customers, the easier it is to identify the best agents to deal with them. The greater the empathy between agent and customer, the quicker you can achieve the desired outcome.


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