Enterprise Workload Management

Poor communication between front-end call handlers and backroom staff is not just frustrating for customers, it ties up valuable resources, wastes time and costs money.

Anana’s Enterprise Workload Management solution joins up front-end and back-end functions. Ensuring everyone who comes into contact with a customer has access to all the information they need at their fingertips. It also allows the progress of each and every enquiry to be tracked across different departments and resources, including third party suppliers.

Easier for everyone
First contact resolution is key to delivering a best in class customer experience. But, in many cases it is just part of what can be a very long process, involving various departments. Deploying the same routing and targeting logic for both front and back office functions makes it easier for everyone involved, saving time and greatly improving the overall customer experience.

Works anywhere
You don’t need to be operating a Genesys platform to benefit from Anana’s expertise. Our Enterprise Workload Management solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your contact centre and built around your existing platform and customer service systems.


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