IBM E-Commerce Integration

Offering customers as many ways as possible to interact with your business is all part of delivering class-leading customer engagement. But you can only offer a best-in- class customer experience if every channel works together as one.

Anana’s IBM e-commerce solution integrates your Genesys omnichannel contact centre with IBM smarter commerce. So, all customer interactions, whether they are from the website or the contact centre, are available on your agent's desktop.

Instant information at your fingertips
Every time someone uses their online account, data is automatically captured and fed into Genesys. So, when a customer contacts your contact centre, everything needed to deal with their enquiry, from statements and payment details, to emails, text and tweets, is at your agent’s fingertips. This includes any messages sent or posted while the customer is queuing and when the interaction is taking place.

Actionable alerts
If an unforeseen event occurs, such as an order shortfall or transport problem, an alert is automatically generated and sent to the most appropriate agent, so they can make the customer aware of the situation straightaway. Informing customers quickly minimises the risk of them being inconvenienced and demonstrates your commitment to service excellence, turning a negative into positive.

Business performance
Real time dashboards and historical reporting allow managers to monitor Service Level Agreements for specific business tasks and analyse each individual agent’s performance.

Task prioritisation
All work is prioritised and delivered automatically, so there is no need to worry about bottlenecks or individual agents picking and choosing what they do and don’t do.


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