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Call Centre Solutions

Anana is a major driving force behind customer service in the digital age. We thrive on delivering customer experience, customer service, digital and social strategy for forward-thinking brands. We elevate call centres from their traditional telephone based service role to being the spearhead of 21st century multi-channel customer engagement.

We are an award winning solutions innovator, with a special focus on unifying inbound and outbound voice with digital, mobile, social and multi-channel call centres, founded upon many years' experience as a systems integrator in the call centre industry.

Using our innovative solutions based approach, banks, major service providers, local government and top-tier retailers all over the world are successfully transforming the role of their call centres.

Call Centre Solutions Innovation

Anana have taken the role of the systems integrator to the next logical level. Anana works closely with key departmental stakeholders across the enterprise to truly understand the complete requirements of a holistic multi-channel program for customer contact management and blended multichannel call centre capability.

To be truly successful a multi-channel call centre solution should reflect the business aspirations of all departments including online, marketing, brand management, sales, legal and many other stakeholders alongside traditional customer operations too.

Anana's rapid innovation and solutions innovation approach to the design and delivery of modern contact centre solutions ensures that the needs and expectations of the entire enterprise is met head on with a solutions based approach that is effective and delivers quickly on its promise to the business.

Contact Centre and Call Centre Solutions from Anana

Anana is an award winning systems integrator and solutions vendor of integrated call centre solutions, contact centre solutions and multichannel (omnichannel) customer engagement solutions.  We help enterprises of all shapes and sizes in any industry vertical move away from simple inbound and outbound voice interactions on telephones into the modern realm of multi-channel customer interaction management.  Our solutions are capable of handling just about any interaction type in any interaction media including outbound voice, interactive voice response, email, web chat, instant messaging, facsimile, written mail & other correspondence, parcels, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SMS, web collaboration, web engagement, co-browsing, chat, mobile applications, skype, Microsoft Lync and many others.

Modern consumers are typically armed with a massive array of potential means to contact your business, to buy products, to upgrade, to renew contracts, to seek support and customer service in any form.  It is not enough to simply be able to answer a phone call; your business must be able to engage in any channel or media type.  That is what Anana does.  We provide a complete solutions based approach to customer interaction management in the form of call centres, contact centres and everything in between.  Naturally this also comes with an entire portfolio of software and solutions for workforce management, quality management, interaction and call recording, interactive voice response, visual IVR, mobile applications, reporting, analytics, workforce optimisation and a lot more.

We also integrate your customer service function directly into the heart of your sales strategy in retail on the high street as well as online.  We help you to win new customers, keep your existing ones and focus throughout on reducing your customer effort score and improving your business bottom line.  We also help you identify and shape your customer and contact strategy and help you to define and adapt the role of the business you used to call the call center into its modern role at the core of your business in all facets of customer engagement through sales, on-boarding, marketing, brand management and customer service in its most traditional sense.

Anana is all about your customer experience and our mission is to make your company as efficient and as effective as possible in the delivery of your product or services to your consumers.

Call Centre Solutions

Anana is a leading call centre solutions vendor. Our award winning focus is in providing integrated multichannel call centre solutions that deliver customer service excellence by design.

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Anana provides solutions that completely integrate the call centre, contact centre, customer experience and customer journey; irrespective of context, channel, media or industry.

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Digital Call Centres

Anana has won multiple awards for its focussed innovation and solutions for blending voice based customer service with digital and social-engagement enabled call centre solutions.

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Mobile Apps

Smart, intuitive, intelligent and context-sensitive mobile applications that include customer service that reach into the heart of customer experience directly from their mobile.

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  • Anana delivers high quality contact centre solutions for engaged brands

  • Award winning contact centre solutions from Anana

  • Contact Centre Customer Innovation Awards Winner 2012

  • genesys-partner-of-the-year-award-2011

  • genesys-partner-of-the-year-award-2014

  • Integrated multichannel contact centre solutions put you where your customers are

About Anana

Anana is a solutions innovator and systems integrator that designs, builds and implements multi-channel call centre solutions.

Our customers include companies like Orange, T-Mobile, EE, Three, Marks & Spencer, Vodacom and many others in all industry verticals around the world.

Anana helps modern brands interact with their customers and contacts in any channel whilst delivering scalable, effective and dependable call centre technology. Anana is an established and experienced multichannel call centre solution provider, on premise, in the cloud , hybrid or virtualised.