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CX is a key differentiator

Leading companies understand that customer experience is one of the most powerful differentiators in their control.

The internet and social media have amplified the voice of consumers, who have the information and inclination to make important choices about which brand to choose.

The most significant factor driving customer loyalty is the experience of interacting with your brand, whether face to face, on the phone, or digitally.

It's important to get CX right.

Anana deliver advanced customer experience technology and direction to ensure our customers deliver high-value, personalised experiences across human and digital touch-points.

Interactions over the phone, web, mobile, e-commerce and within the back-office are managed seamlessly, streamlining efficiency whilst optimising customer experience.

Our approach

Our approach is different. Anana accelerate your project by starting with a pre-built, to industry best practice, environment. This enables a much faster and more cost effective delivery, by freeing up time and resources to innovate and leverage the solution. It’s a unique way of working, so unique it even has its own name: Anana Accelerate.

1. Build

Our solutions are built on the market-leading Genesys Customer Engagement Platform using pre-built, best practice design templates, which include many "Anana added" features that would normally require additional development as standard. This enables us to rapidly create a new "model-office" for use during the requirements validation process.

2. Validation

Our Industry Best Practice standard is likely to incorporate at least 80-90% of your customer experience platform requirements. Workshops using the new system enable us to validate the requirements together, ensuring any gaps are identified and addressed, and providing users with the chance to experience the new environment before it is rolled out.

3. Configuration

Anana Mission Control enables authorised business users to safely and easily configure and control the system in real-time; without involving IT.

4. Transition

Once the model-office system has been thoroughly tested and validated, and all requirements have been agreed, the production environment is auto-deployed to the same specification. At this stage any customisations required can be built and incorporated. Once tested, transition to the new environment is quick, safe and simple.

5. Innovation

Spending less time and money gathering and documenting requirements at the start of the process frees up more resources to invest in ongoing innovation. Ensuring your customer experience environment always remains one step ahead.

A business is only as good as its people

Our people are the best in the business. Passionate about pushing the boundaries of customer engagement. Committed to delivering best in class customer experience. Dedicated to innovation and recognised as thought-leaders across the contact centre industry.

Leading by example

Anana's commitment to innovation and best practice is recognised across the globe. Recent awards include:

2017 Genesys CX17 Partner Battle Winner

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2016 - Genesys G-Force Global, Partner Battle Winner

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2015 - Partner of the Year - Africa

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2015 - Genesys G-Force Global, Partner Battle Winner

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2015 - Genesys Global Customer Innovation Award - M&S Contact Centre

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2015 Genesys Global Partner Innovation Award, Technology

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2014 - Genesys Partner of the Year Award UK & Ireland

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2012 - Genesys Global Customer Innovation Award

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2011 - Genesys Partner of the Year Award UK & Ireland

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Welcome to our global centre of excellence

There is always an open invitation to our customers and professionals who are intrigued by innovation in Customer Experience, to the Anana Briefing Centre.

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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is at the core of our business and we are pleased to support and promote local talent. As an ethical, responsible employer, we're proud to play an active role in the communities in which we live and work.

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The evolution of customer engagement technology never stands still. To stay ahead, you need to think ahead. Look beyond what is happening now and imagine what will be possible tomorrow. A little insight goes a long way.

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