Encouraging education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Anana is committed to supporting the Department of Education in their STEM strategy which aims to 'empower future generations through science, technology, engineering and mathematics to grow a dynamic, innovative economy.'

We recognise the importance of preparing young people so that they're equipped with the skills that enable them to solve difficult problems, to gather and evaluate evidence, to make sense of information and come up with logical, careful analyses to determine what is the best course of action. Whether or not they go on to pursue a career in STEM, they will have benefited from gaining key life skills which will help them look at issues from original viewpoints and come up with innovative solutions.

These are the skills we look for in employees at Anana as we feel it supports an environment that allows people to continually learn and gain knowledge.

To uphold our commitment Anana partners with Rich Goodwin Airshows as their main sponsor. Rich is one of the UK's leading stunt pilots and can be seen performing unusual and rare aerobatics in the Anana muscle bi-plane around Europe at numerous airshows.

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